The following fillings are all vegan (or vegetarian if you choose to include cheese):

Grilled Tofu

Vegan “Steak” Strips


Butternut Squash


You can wrap any of the above fillings the following ways :





tortas (Mexican sandwich)

Facts about our commitment to Vegan/Vegetarian food:

1. Mexican Rice and Refried Beans are 100% vegan (that means no meat, lard, broth and no dairy).

2. Corn and flour tortillas, along with the bread for the tortas (which we bake in-house) are 100% vegan.

3. Red and green salsas are 100% vegan.

4. Guacamole is 100% vegan.

5. Vegan Tamales are 100% vegan.

6. Rajas con Queso is vegetarian. It contains cheese & cream (as well as roasted poblano peppers, pico de gallo & corn kernels).

7. Butternut Squash Tostadas are 100% vegan (if you ask for no cheese, otherwise they are vegetarian).

8. The traditional Vegetarian Burrito (which includes rice, beans, taco veggies - white onions, red onions, tomato, cilantro and

shredded cabbage). If you hold the cheese, that would be vegan as well.

As an added bonus, our Agua Frescas are made with RAW fresh fruit! Enjoy your choice of Pineapple, Watermelon, or Cantaloupe.

(Watermelon and Cantaloupe are seasonal, but you can enjoy refreshing Pineapple Agua Fresca all year round!)

Please note: Vegetarian and vegan dishes may be prepared with the same utensils and cooking surfaces used to pepare animal products, all equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each process.

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